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Lifetime Oath

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Coming November 10, 2021!!!

A monthly podcast featuring men and women that have serve or served in the military or as a first responder. These men and women have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America... a Lifetime Oath

You know when you join the military, youtake an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Ifyou become a police officer, you also take an oath to defend and protect theconstitution of the United States and to protect and to serve your community,as a firefighter you do the same and also as a nurse you also take an oath, but as a spouse, a family member in away you're taking an oath as well, because you're supporting that one, thatone that has taken that oath, that lifetime oath let's say because evenafter you retire or you get out of the military or police force. or you finishyour job as a nurse. It's just something in you that, if somethinghappens, you feel that you need to step up and be that person you were before youretired, or you resigned. It's the...

...lifetime oath. Those of us that haveserved those of us that our serving and our family members and spouses, more orless, have taken it. On this podcast you're going to hear the stories ofactive military, veterans, their spouses, their families, policemen, fire fighters even nursesand doctors, all these people that have taken the oath. You're going to hear some of thestories for a few reasons, number one to allow people to find out what it'slike to be in that field, for example, with the military most people join the military to eithertalk to a recruiter or what I've seen in the past a lot of times they'll talk tosomebody that never even served in the military. This way they are getting thestories from those that have actually served or are serving, the same thatgoes of fire fighters and the police force you're hearing from the ones thathave done it. The other reason I want... do this is for people that are goingthrough problems, whether it be PTSD or some type of other, you know illness.We are there to support you, and you know you can talk to us. Third, there are a lot of non profits outthere that are helping those that have served, helping those that have taken thatlifetime oath and you're going to be able to meet them on this podcast, I was looking for somebody to co-hostthis with me- and I was fortunate enough years ago to come across JoeAyler. Joe Ayler- is the sponsor, he is the owner of Tar Heel Construction Group,and I wanted him to help me at this podcast because he knows even though he never served,he knows what it means to support those that did,and he does, he truly supports our veterans ouractive military, the police, the nurses.

He supports us and that's why it'simportant so again on this podcast, Lifetime Oath, you're going to hear thestories of active military veterans, Police Fire fighters, nurses, theirspouses, their family members. These are all the people that have taken theLifetime Oath.

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